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HI-Tec Puffer 2009
Saturday, 22 August 2009
Lots of Puffing, the Comrades of Trailrunning, being 80km long. Starts with 10km of tar in the dark, through the reserve, as the sun comes up, there is another leg of tar, which eventually deposits you on Red Hill, from where you can eye ball the trail, which undulates across to Black hill, which you then descend, until climbing the Fish Hoek side of Ou Kaapseweg (but through the bushes). Then you struggle up the Ou Wapad, onto Silvemine and across to Vlakkenberg, from where you drop onto Constantia Neck for a breather (this is the cut off zone). Next, climb up the long flight of steps on the rear end of Table Mtn, to the Overseers hut and the start of Smuts Track. This you jog along to Maclears Beacon, from where it is all downhill to home, although you still must take in Platteklip Gorge ( a mean descent) and Signal Hill.

Western Cape

Puffer - Martin Rohland

Huffing and Puffer-ing
19 September 2009


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Tuffer Puffer 09

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Puffer 2009

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Hi-Tec Puffer 2009 by Jaque Marais

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