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Saturday, 23 February 2013
New Balance Champs Landie & Eduardo

Just over 200 trail running enthusiasts were part of the action at the TOTALSPORTS XTERRA Grabouw. Taking part in either a fun 5km or challenging 11km Trail Run.

Eduardo Ordax (Spain, Bullfighter) set the pace in the 11km men?s race, while Landie Greyling was the lady to beat on the day.

According to Ordax (Ole'), he was pleasantly surprised by the 11km route. ?I?ve taken part in many races in Spain, but none of them come close to today?s race (about 5000km away - ed), it was amazing. There was a nice balance of hills, sand, a river crossing and flat sections. It was beautiful, one of the best races that I?ve ever taken part in,? says Ordax, completing the 11km race in a well deserved 46mins. Anele Mnukwa came in second, while Asmus Zoch finished third.

Landie Greyling has new found respect for XTERRA Warriors taking on the TOTALSPORTS XTERRA Grabouw Full presented by REHIDRAT? SPORT on Sunday. ?Your legs already feel like jelly after the mountain bike discipline and then to take on the run directly afterwards, I take my hat off to the XTERRA Warriors. I tried taking it easy today, but Ronel Nattrass gave me a go. Today?s route was absolutely world class. Stillwater Sport once again put on a superb event (unsolicited comment- ed). You cannot ask for a better route in this distance. I?ll definitely be back next year,? says Greyling, completing the 11km race in a deserving time of 54mins. Ronel Nattrass came in second, while Harpur Hayley finished third.

Alex Weusch was victorious in the men?s 5km,Pieter Van De Merwe came in second, while Fred King finished third.

Stefanie Cherry took gold in the women?s 5kmwith a winning time of 35mins. Amy Stevens came in second, while Nicolette Shelly finished third.

The 5km and 11km New Balance Trail Run routes followed the exact same routes as that of the TOTALSPORTS XTERRA Lite (Saturday, 23 February 2013) and TOTALSPORTS XTERRA Full (Sunday, 24 February 2013) respectively. Trail Runners were given the unique opportunity to experience spectacular routes that are inaccessible to mountain bikers. Initially given the opportunity to stretch their legs, but it wasn?t too long before the ?scramble? started. After the main climb and the following descent, the trail run brought athletes along the shores of the Eikenhof Dam, back to the finish line into the much deserved REHIDRAT SPORT Recovery Zone.

EXCITING NEWS: As Eduardo Ordax was the first 11km athlete to cross the finish line on the day he has also secured himself an entry into South Africa?s exciting three day stage trail run, the ProNutro AfricanX Trailrun.


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